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......@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@ SRCT
You can also come to any of our major events: all-day workshops, travel to conferences,
hosting speakers, and more. Every event goes on our
<a href="{{ url_for('projects') }}">calendar</a>, on our
<a href="{{ url_for('calendar') }}">calendar</a>, on our
<a href="">Facebook page</a>,
and is announced on our
<a href="">mailing list</a>.
......@@ -254,20 +254,26 @@ SRCT
<div role="tabpanel" class="tab-pane fade" id="infra">
Of course, not everything we need help with involves code. There are plenty of other aspects where members can help out.
Without reliable server infrastructure to host all of our services,
the code we write wouldn't be much help to Mason's community. Take a look
at learning to use the Unix command line. In Hollywood, it's the
<a href="">sign of an elite hacker</a>,
but doesn't have to be mystifying. Sure, no mouse is a bit different, but soon
enough, you'll see both how using a terminal gives you far more power, and
why for a lot of cases, it's easier than clicking, dragging, and dropping.
Our projects can't help the community without a stable foundation for them to run on
Read about more of the workshops we hold on our wiki, along with more information
from infrastructure setup to event planning
Server setup, ansible, docker, domain names, mailing servers... I have absolutely no idea. This is not my wheelhouse, and is close to being completely black box for me.
The free version of
<a href="">this tutorial</a>
is a great place to begin.
If you're already using Linux or OSX,
<a href="">this tutorial</a>
is another great resource (ignore the intimidating title) to try things out
on your own machine. Once you have a little practice under your belt,
try following our documentation to deploy one of our
<a href="{{ url_for('projects') }}">projects</a>.
<a href="">What's Open</a>
is a good one to start with.
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