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image: python:2
......@@ -11,3 +12,21 @@ pages:
- master
image: ruby:2.3
JEKYLL_ENV: production
- cd srctweb/
- bundle install
stage: build
- bundle exec jekyll build --trace -d '../build'
- build
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......@@ -9,4 +9,8 @@ approach the problem.
Here you should include a bullet point list of links to documentation, stack overflow,
whatever, that could help guide someone on what it is they are trying to do.
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Essentially, a list of links to point them in the right direction.
Essentially, a list of links to point them in the right direction.
>>>>>>> origin/1.0-jekyll-rewrite
# On Contributing
SRCTWeb welcomes all the help it can get. Even if you don't feel like you can be helpful the more technical aspects, we definitely need designers, technical writers, and testers.
There are many things that can be done with this project (see the "To Do" section), but sometimes it's the small things that count, so don't be afraid of contributing just a small spelling mistake.
If you need help at all please contact and SRCT member. We want people to contribute, so if you are struggling, or just want to learn we are more than willing to help.
The project lead for this project is **Daniel Bond**. **
Please visit the [SRCT Wiki]( for more information on this and other SRCT projects, along with other helpful links and tutorials.
## git
First take a look at [github flow](
as this page gives a good starting point on understanding how to work with `git`
in an open source repo.
You will need to be a member before making any contributions. Join the slack #srctweb channel and ask nicely.
### Branches
Each branch off of the development branch serves one and only one purpose: to
add, modify, or remove features/bugs from Go. Our list of tasks can be found on
the issues page.
If you decide to take on an issue for SRCTWeb you will need to work in a branch off
of the current development branch.
Replace `##` with the issue number that you are working on, and replace
`shortdescription` with a few words (<=4) that in brief describe what the branch
This can be done with the following chain of `git` commands within `srctweb/`:
git pull
git checkout current_development_branch
git checkout -B ##-shortdescription
git pull
git checkout 2.2-dev
git checkout -B 102-readme-updates
If you are working on something that does not have an issue please open a new
issue before creating your branch.
### Commits & Their Messages
It is important to commit more often than not such that if we run into issues we
can narrow down which commit started to cause issues.
Commit messages should follow the format:
#### Title -
Should fill in the blank:
This commit ______
Additionally, if you are closing an issue include:
(Closes #issue_number_here)
Example commit title:
Complete the about page + TOS (Closes #36)
#### Description -
Bullet points of some highlights from the commit.
They don't have to be super serious (see any of my commits) though just a tad bit of info is nice.
Example commit description:
- mostly talk about how great SRCT is
- plus a short blurb on how we can ban you
[Example full commit](
### Merging to the current development branch
Once you've finished work in a branch you will need to push your commits to gitlab.
git push origin ##-branchname
`origin` is gitlab.
Open a [merge request](
to start the process of getting your code into the repo. Your code wil be reviewed
by another member before being merged. Your code must pass our tests and include
in the description:
Closes #issue_number_here
[Example pull request](
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SRCTweb -- the homepage of Mason SRCT
Copyright (C) 2017 Mason SRCT
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
Mason SRCT
George Mason University
4400 University Drive MSN 2D6
Fairfax, VA 22030
You should also get your employer (if you work as a programmer) or your school, if any, to sign a "copyright disclaimer" for the program, if necessary. Here is a sample; alter the names:
This is to be determined for the time being--
Yoyodyne, Inc., hereby disclaims all copyright
interest in the program `Gnomovision'
(which makes passes at compilers) written
by James Hacker.
signature of Ty Coon, 1 April 1989
Ty Coon, President of Vice
This General Public License does not permit incorporating your program into proprietary programs.
# SRCTWeb -- the homepage of Mason SRCT
Our own little site on the world wide web.
A static site built with [Jekyll](
# Setup instructions for local development
## 1) Install `git` on your system
`git` is the version control system used for SRCT projects.
### On Linux Based Systems
**with apt:**
Open a terminal and run the following command:
sudo apt update
This retrieves links to the most up-to-date and secure versions of your packages.
Next, with:
sudo apt install git
you install `git` onto your system.
### On macOS
We recommend that you use the third party Homebrew package manager for macOS,
which allows you to install packages from your terminal just as easily as you
could on a Linux based system. You could use another package manager (or not
use one at all), but Homebrew is highly reccomended.
To get homebrew, run the following command in a terminal:
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL
**Note**: You do NOT need to use `sudo` when running any Homebrew commands, and
it likely won't work if you do.
Next, to make sure Homebrew is up to date, run:
brew update
Finally we can install git with:
brew install git
### On Windows
We recommend that if you are on Windows 10 AE (Anniversary Edition) or above to make use of the
Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The following link should get you up and running:
#### Contributing with Windows
If you are not on Windows 10 or would rather prefer to not use the WSL you may download Git for
Windows here:
I have also successfully ran the project with Docker on Windows, though you need
access to Hyper-V which is only available on **"Professional"** versions of Windows.
## 2) Clone the srctweb codebase
Now, we're going to clone down a copy of the SRCTWeb codebase from [](,
the SRCT code respository with SSH.
**a)** Configure your ssh keys by following the directions at:
**b)** Now, on your computer, navigate to the directory in which you want to download the project (ie. perhaps one called `~/development/SRCT`), and run
git clone
## 3) Get SRCTWeb up and running with the method of your choice
Now that we have cloned down the repo you can
cd srctweb/
and get to working on setting up a development environment!
### Docker
Installing Docker on your system:
* For macOS go here:
* For Windows go here:
* For your specific linux disro go here:
* Additionally, you will need to install docker-compose:
docker-compose up
If that doesn't work, try:
sudo docker-compose up
You should see that the server is running by going to [http://localhost:4000](http://localhost:4000) in your browser. Any changes you make to your local file system will be mirrored in the server.
# Contrubuting
Please read `` for specific information and best practices on how
to contribute to the project.
image: jekyll/jekyll
command: jekyll serve -s './srctweb' -d './srctweb/_site' --trace --watch --incremental
- 4000:4000
- .:/srv/jekyll
source ""
gem "json"
gem "jekyll"
gem "jekyll-feed"
\ No newline at end of file
addressable (2.5.0)
public_suffix (~> 2.0, >= 2.0.2)
colorator (1.1.0)
ffi (1.9.14)
forwardable-extended (2.6.0)
jekyll (3.3.1)
addressable (~> 2.4)
colorator (~> 1.0)
jekyll-sass-converter (~> 1.0)
jekyll-watch (~> 1.1)
kramdown (~> 1.3)
liquid (~> 3.0)
mercenary (~> 0.3.3)
pathutil (~> 0.9)
rouge (~> 1.7)
safe_yaml (~> 1.0)
jekyll-feed (0.8.0)
jekyll (~> 3.3)
jekyll-sass-converter (1.5.0)
sass (~> 3.4)
jekyll-watch (1.5.0)
listen (~> 3.0, < 3.1)
json (2.1.0)
kramdown (1.13.1)
liquid (3.0.6)
listen (3.0.8)
rb-fsevent (~> 0.9, >= 0.9.4)
rb-inotify (~> 0.9, >= 0.9.7)
mercenary (0.3.6)
pathutil (0.14.0)
forwardable-extended (~> 2.6)
public_suffix (2.0.5)
rb-fsevent (0.9.8)
rb-inotify (0.9.7)
ffi (>= 0.5.0)
rouge (1.11.1)
safe_yaml (1.0.4)
sass (3.4.23)
ruby 2.4.1p111
# Site settings
locale : "en-US"
title : "SRCT"
email : ""
description : "Mason SRCT is a student organization at George Mason University that establishes and maintains systems which provide specific services for Mason's community."
author : "Mason SRCT"
# the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog
baseurl : ""
# the base hostname & protocol for your site, e.g.
url : ""
# Social Sharing
username : "masonsrct"
username : "masonsrct"
username : "masonsrct"
app_id :
publisher :
# Reading Files
- .htaccess
- _pages
- Gemfile
- Gemfile.lock
# Build settings
markdown: kramdown
- jekyll-feed
# _pages
- scope:
path: ""
type: pages
layout: default
jumbotron: false
default_image: mm
size: 80
rating: g
secure: true
# Main navigation and links for it
- title: "Projects"
url: "/projects/"
- title: "Calendar"
url: "/calendar/"
- title: "People"
url: "/people/"
- title: "Documents"
url: "/documents/"
- title: "General Policy"
url: "/documents/policy"
- title: "Constitution"
url: "/documents/constitution/"
- title: "Usage Policy"
url: "/documents/usage_policy/"
- title: "Terms of Service"
url: "/documents/terms_of_service/"
- title: "Privacy Policy"
url: "/documents/privacy_policy/"
- title: "Intellectual Property"
url: "/documents/intellectual_property/"
- title: "Software Freedom"
url: "/documents/software_freedom/"
- title: "Logos"
url: "/documents/logos/"
- title: "Contact"
url: "/contact/"
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<h1><strong>{{ page.title }}</strong></h1>
<p class="lead">{{ page.description }}</p>
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{% capture base_path %}{{ site.url }}{{ site.baseurl }}{% endcapture %}
<div class="list-group">
<a href="/documents/policy/" class="list-group-item {% if page.title == 'General Policy' %}active{% endif %}">General Policy</a>
<a href="/documents/constitution/" class="list-group-item {% if page.title == 'Constitution' %}active{% endif %}">Constitution</a>
<a href="/documents/usage_policy/" class="list-group-item {% if page.title == 'Usage Policy' %}active{% endif %}">Usage Policy</a>
<a href="/documents/terms_of_service/" class="list-group-item {% if page.title == 'Terms of Service' %}active{% endif %}">Terms of Service</a>
<a href="/documents/privacy_policy/" class="list-group-item {% if page.title == 'Privacy Policy' %}active{% endif %}">Privacy Policy</a>
<a href="/documents/intellectual_property/" class="list-group-item {% if page.title == 'Intellectual Property' %}active{% endif %}">Intellectual Property</a>
<a href="/documents/software_freedom/" class="list-group-item {% if page.title == 'Software Freedom' %}active{% endif %}">Software Freedom</a>
<a href="/documents/logos/" class="list-group-item {% if page.title == 'Logos' %}active{% endif %}">Logos</a>
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<div class="container">
<div class="row" style="padding-top:5px">
<div class="col-lg-12 text-center">
<a href="">
<i class="fa fa-creative-commons fa-fw"></i> BY-NC 2016</a>
Mason SRCT and <a href="">contributors</a>.
<div class="row">
<div class="col-lg-12 text-center">
<a href="">Student-Run Computing and Tech</a> is a
<a href="">registered student organization</a>
at <a href="">George Mason University</a>.
<div class="col-lg-12 text-center">
This <a href="{{ url_for('projects') }}">project's</a>
<a href="">source</a> is
<a href="">freely licensed</a> under
<a href="">GNU GPL v3.0 or later</a>.
Read our
<a href="">documentation</a>
<a href="">contribute</a>.
<div class="col-lg-12 text-center">
<a href="{{ url_for('constitution') }}">Constitution</a> &middot;
<a href="">Wiki</a> &middot;
<a href="{{ url_for('termsOfService') }}">Terms</a> &middot;
<a href="{{ url_for('privacyPolicy') }}">Privacy</a> &middot;
<a href="{{ url_for('contact') }}">Contact</a>
<script src="/assets/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>
@licstart The following is the entire license notice for the
JavaScript code in this page.
Copyright (C) 2014 Mason SRCT
The JavaScript code in this page is free software: you can
redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU
General Public License (GNU GPL) as published by the Free Software
Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option)
any later version. The code is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU GPL for more details.
As additional permission under GNU GPL version 3 section 7, you
may distribute non-source (e.g., minimized or compacted) forms of
that code without the copy of the GNU GPL normally required by
section 4, provided you include this license notice and a URL
through which recipients can access the Corresponding Source.
@licend The above is the entire license notice
for the JavaScript code in this page.
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<img src="/assets/img/SRCT_sq_white_shadow.png" class="img-responsive" alt="SRCT's logo"/>
<div class="col-md-5">
<p class="xolonium srct-title">Student-Run<br />Computing&nbsp;+<br />Technology</p>
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<a class="navbar-brand xolonium" href="/"><img src="/assets/img/SRCT_square.svg" width=24 height=24 alt=""/>&nbsp;&nbsp;Mason SRCT</a>
<div class="navbar-right collapse navbar-collapse navbar-ex1-collapse">
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