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Early config

- this has the basic configs we'll need...probably some extra
  - will definitely need to add more as we go when we know what we need

- added people.yml to the _data for later population
parent cd4b372b
# Localhost for dev
url : ""
# Analytics off for dev
analytics: false
......@@ -9,26 +9,43 @@
# 'bundle exec jekyll serve'. If you change this file, please restart the server process.
# Site settings
# These are used to personalize your new site. If you look in the HTML files,
# you will see them accessed via {{ site.title }}, {{ }}, and so on.
# You can create any custom variable you would like, and they will be accessible
# in the templates via {{ site.myvariable }}.
locale: "en-US"
title: Your awesome title
description: > # this means to ignore newlines until "baseurl:"
Write an awesome description for your new site here. You can edit this
line in _config.yml. It will appear in your document head meta (for
Google search results) and in your feed.xml site description.
baseurl: "" # the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog
url: "" # the base hostname & protocol for your site, e.g.
twitter_username: jekyllrb
github_username: jekyll
description: "SRCTs home on the internet"
# the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog
baseurl : ""
# the base hostname & protocol for your site, e.g.
url : ""
google_site_verification :
bing_site_verification :
alexa_site_verification :
yandex_site_verification :
# Social Sharing
username : "masonsrct"
username : "masonsrct"
username : "masonsrct"
app_id :
publisher :
# Reading Files
- .htaccess
- _pages
- Gemfile
- Gemfile.lock
# Build settings
markdown: kramdown
theme: minima
- jekyll-feed
- Gemfile
- Gemfile.lock
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