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a name errors fixed (no hash)

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......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ Constitution
<p>In event of the resignation of an officer, then an election will be held to fill their position for the remainder of the term following the procedures above.</p>
<legend><a name="ArticleVI" href="ArticleVI">Article VI — Meetings</a></legend>
<legend><a name="ArticleVI" href="#ArticleVI">Article VI — Meetings</a></legend>
<p>SRCT shall meet on a weekly basis. Meetings should be scheduled to accommodate the greatest number of members. All members of the Mason community are welcome to attend meetings. Attendance by SRCT contributors and developers is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Consistent absence may be viewed as grounds for revocation of membership.</p>
......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ Constitution
<p>Two members may jointly propose an explicitly defined constitutional amendment at a meeting. All members will be emailed a copy of the language of the amendment and have no fewer than five days to review the proposed amendment. At the next SRCT meeting, if a quorum is present, the amendment may be approved 3/4 by a vote by secret ballot of all present members. This is considered an official vote. The Office of Student Involvement must review all amendments in the same matter as a completely new constitution. Changes which do not affect the meaning of the text, such as updated formatting and links, may be made at the discretion of the board.</p>
<legend><a name="ArticleIX" href="ArticleIX">Article IX — Ratification</a></legend>
<legend><a name="ArticleIX" href="#ArticleIX">Article IX — Ratification</a></legend>
<p>This constitution shall become effective upon approval by a 3/4 vote of the membership, and the Assistant Director for Recognized Student Organizations. This is considered an official vote.</p>
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