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We are currently restructuring documentation. Some links to docs, issues, Trello, or mailing lists may not yet be added.

Deployed Stable and hosted on SRCT servers for the use of the Mason community.
Git | git.gmu.edu Docs | Issues | Trello | Email

Project Manager: Nicolas Anderson
Repository: github.com/gitlabhq/gitlabhq

GitLab is a central host for Git repositories. It's like GitHub, but operated by Mason for Mason. Any student or member of the community may log into it with their Mason NetID. Users may upload code either for private work or public viewing, and may allow others to contribute to their projects.

Go | go.gmu.edu Docs | Issues | Trello | Email

Project Manager: David Haynes
Repository: git.gmu.edu/srct/go

Providing URL shortening would enhance branding when used by organizations in ULife and elsewhere. For example, all shortened links to a gmu.edu website would appear as go.gmu.edu/nHU8oPm instead of bit.ly/nHU8oPm.

Masonstrap Project Manager: David Haynes
Repository: github.com/srct/bootswatch

Unified, common design language across all SRCT-developed projects and advertising, with recommendations, templates, and assets, including both LESS and compiled stylesheets.

Roomlist | roomlist.srct.gmu.edu Docs | Issues

Project Manager: Daniel Bond
Repository: git.gmu.edu/srct/roomlist

For on campus-students, find out who's living on your floor.

SRCTweb | srct.gmu.edu Docs | Issues | Trello | Email

Project Manager: Daniel Bond
Repository: git.gmu.edu/srct/SRCTweb

SRCT's very own homepage! Help edit this site.

Whatsopen | whatsopen.gmu.edu Docs | Issues | Trello | Email

Project Manager: Nicolas Anderson
Repository: git.gmu.edu/srct/whatsopen

Provides a list of all currently open dining options in/around campus, kept updated with holidays, etc. Expanding to cover more than dining locations.

Active Projects in active development in preparation for stable deployment.
Advisor | advisor.srct.gmu.edu Docs | Issues | Trello

Project Manager: Daniel Bond
Repository: git.gmu.edu/srct/advisor

Advisor is an automatic academic advising system. The goal is to allow students to enter their academic history in a standard form and receive an interactive list of coursework they are required to complete for graduation, as well as possible electives and prerequisite trees. This would not serve as a replacement for in-person academic advisor meetings.

Bookshare | bookshare.srct.gmu.edu Docs | Issues | Trello | Email

Project Manager: Daniel Bond
Repository: git.gmu.edu/srct/bookshare

Bookshare is a platform for textbook transactions, with books searchable by Name, Author, ISBN, and Class.

CI (Continuous Integration) | ci.srct.gmu.edu Project Manager: Akshay Karthik
Repository: github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins

A Jenkins deployment for Mason community use of continuous integration.

HackMason | hackmason.org Project Manager: Manuel Gauto
Repository: git.gmu.edu/srct/hackmason

HackMason is our site for event information and registration.

Laundry | laundry.srct.gmu.edu Docs | Issues

Project Manager: Manuel Gauto
Repository: git.gmu.edu/srct/laundry

Live on-campus laundry machine usage and trends.

Photos | photos.srct.gmu.edu Project Manager: Mark Stenglein
Repository: flickr.com/photos/masonsrct/

Creative-commons licensed photographs of Mason locations and community. (Offical Mason photographs "are protected by copyright and the property of George Mason University.")

PGP | pgp.gmu.edu Docs | Issues

Project Manager: Kunal Sarkhel
Repository: git.gmu.edu/srct/pgp

A Mason public key server. Allows for future exploration to deploy a public key infrastructure for encrypted email or digital signatures for general institutional purposes.

Talks | talks.srct.gmu.edu Project Manager: Kunal Sarkhel

Hosts easily navigable pages of talk videos, slideshows, and notes.

Userspace | userspace.srct.gmu.edu Project Manager: Manuel Gauto

Quick, Mason-hosted deployment of student development projects using Openstack to foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Weather | weather.gmu.edu Docs | Issues

Project Manager: Zach Knox
Repository: git.gmu.edu/srct/weather

Provides a beautiful way to check up on the weather across all of Mason's campuses.

Proposed Ideas for future projects— contact us if you want experience leading a development team.
Etherpad | pad.srct.gmu.edu Project Manager: Chris Reffett

Etherpad is a realtime collaboration tool recently acquired by Google (http://etherpad.org/). The tool is open source, and is used at schools like MIT, MSU, RIT, and UCLA. This tool would allow members of the Mason community to easily edit documents with their peers, similar to Google Docs.

Maps | maps.srct.gmu.edu Project Manager: Kara Mahoney

An online mapping utility for navigation inside buildings on campus. The university has numerous mapping resources available for students to locate buildings, but none for locating specific rooms and classrooms.

Mirrors | mirrors.gmu.edu Project Manager: Daniel Bond

The org would integrate and expand repo.vse.gmu.edu, which currently hosts a local mirror of open source software. Such software mirrors are currently operated by Virginia Tech, MIT, RIT, University of Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Wheaton College, University of Calgary, and other institutions. This would be coordinated with VSE Computing Resources.

People | people.srct.gmu.edu Project Manager:

Want to find out about (currency exchanges | Australian wildlife | software usability | The Second Opium War)? People will build on the functionality in peoplefinder.gmu.edu by allowing students to search for professors by background and expertise, collecting their bios and research currently spread across School and College webpages.

Templates | go.gmu.edu/srct-templates Project Manager: Benjamin Waters

A repository with default directory structures and settings for projects supporting multiple web frameworks.

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