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......@@ -43,10 +43,10 @@ Note-- this should also be on the wiki
* Logo in navbar
* Set up the documents with ability to download pdfs and latex files
* Figure out intellectual property with GMU
* Write privacy policy
* finish writing privacy policy
* Logo image download permalinks
* Squirrel 404 page!
* Use real links, not the direct file locations (yes, I know that's going to be really annoying to fix-- sorry)
* add piwik opt out link
* **note: events and meeting notes might be on the wiki page... undecided**
<!DOCTYPE html>
<link rel="icon" href="/static/img/favicon.ico">
body {
text-align: center;
display: -webkit-box;
display: -moz-box;
display: -ms-flexbox;
display: -webkit-flex;
display: flex;
height: 100%;
.container {
margin: auto;
h1 {
font-family: "Helvetica Neue", "Helvetica", sans-serif;
font-size: 60px;
margin-top: ;
#squirrels {
width: 100%;
#acorn {
width: 75px;
position: fixed;
bottom: 10px;
right: 10px;
<div class="container">
<h1>Page Not Found :-(</h1>
<a href=""><img id="squirrels" src="/static/img/squirrels.png"></a>
<a href="/"><img id="acorn" src="/static/img/acorn.png"></a>
......@@ -93,3 +93,8 @@ def usagePolicy():
return render_template("documents/usage_policy.html",
# 404 error
def page_not_found(error):
return render_template("404.html"), 404
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