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......@@ -140,11 +140,11 @@
<div class="row">
<ul class="list-clients">
<li class="col-md-2">Local PTA's</li>
<li class="col-md-2">Volunteer Church Groups</li>
<li class="col-md-2">Habitat for Humanity</li>
<li class="col-md-2">American Red Cross</li>
<li class="col-md-2">STEMAM Mentoring</li>
<li class="col-md-3">Local PTA's</li>
<li class="col-md-3">Volunteer Church Groups</li>
<li class="col-md-3">Habitat for Humanity</li>
<li class="col-md-3">American Red Cross</li>
<li class="col-md-3">STEMAM Mentoring</li>
</ul><!-- /.list-clients -->
</div><!-- /.row -->
</div><!-- /.container -->
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