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Fix the navbar colors + API Key issues

- navbar is now green
parent 4db4ac55
...@@ -87,3 +87,9 @@ ...@@ -87,3 +87,9 @@
.degree100.mdl-card { .degree100.mdl-card {
background-color: #ffffff; background-color: #ffffff;
} }
.mdl-layout__tab-bar-right-button {
background-color: #006633;
.mdl-layout__tab-bar-left-button {
background-color: #006633;
<template name="home"> <template name="home">
<div class="mdl-layout mdl-js-layout mdl-layout--fixed-header header-bg"> <!-- MDL Fixed Layout Container -->
<header class="mdl-layout__header header-bg"> <div class="mdl-layout mdl-js-layout mdl-layout--fixed-header header-bg">
<div class="mdl-layout__header-row header-bg"> <!-- Header Container -->
<!-- Title --> <header class="mdl-layout__header">
<span class="mdl-layout-title">Weather</span> <div class="mdl-layout__header-row">
</div> <!-- Title of Header -->
<!-- Tabs --> <span class="mdl-layout-title">Weather</span>
<div class="mdl-layout__tab-bar mdl-js-ripple-effect header-bg"> </div>
<a id="fairfax-tab-button" href="#fairfax" class="mdl-layout__tab is-active">Fairfax</a> <!-- Tab Bar Container , and Tab links -->
<a href="#arlington" class="mdl-layout__tab">Arlington</a> <div class="mdl-layout__tab-bar mdl-js-ripple-effect header-bg" style="background: #006633;">
<a href="#scitech" class="mdl-layout__tab">SciTech</a> <a id="fairfax-tab-button" href="#fairfax" class="mdl-layout__tab is-active">Fairfax</a>
<a href="#korea" class="mdl-layout__tab">Mason Korea</a> <a href="#arlington" class="mdl-layout__tab">Arlington</a>
</div> <a href="#scitech" class="mdl-layout__tab">SciTech</a>
</header> <a href="#korea" class="mdl-layout__tab">Mason Korea</a>
<main class="mdl-layout__content"> </div>
<div class="bg"> </header>
<section class="mdl-layout__tab-panel is-active" id="fairfax"> <!-- MDL Layout Header -->
<div class="page-content">{{> weather}}</div> <main class="mdl-layout__content">
</section> <!-- "is-active" class to set the default active tab -->
<section class="mdl-layout__tab-panel" id="arlington"> <section class="mdl-layout__tab-panel is-active" id="fairfax">
<div class="page-content">{{> weather}}</div> <div class="page-content">
</section> <div class="page-content">{{> weather}}</div>
<section class="mdl-layout__tab-panel" id="scitech"> </div>
<div class="page-content">{{> weather}}</div> </section>
<section class="mdl-layout__tab-panel" id="korea"> <!-- Tab No 2-->
<div class="page-content">{{> weather}}</div> <section class="mdl-layout__tab-panel" id="arlington">
</section> <div class="page-content">
</div> <div class="page-content">{{> weather}}</div>
{{> footer}} </div>
</main> </section>
<!-- Tab No 3-->
<section class="mdl-layout__tab-panel" id="scitech">
<div class="page-content">
<div class="page-content">{{> weather}}</div>
<!-- Tab No 4-->
<section class="mdl-layout__tab-panel" id="korea">
<div class="page-content">
<div class="page-content">{{> weather}}</div>
{{> footer}}
</div> </div>
</template> </template>
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