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......@@ -107,24 +107,23 @@ Before you submit your Merge Request (MR) consider the following steps:
For example if I compose the following function:
def oneplus(num):
return num + 1
int oneplus(int num) {
return num + 1;
then I would additionally write the following test case:
def TestOneplus(TestCase):
assertEquals(oneplus(1), 2)
void TestOneplus() {
assertEquals(2, oneplus(1));
* Before you push your code to GitLab it is suggested that you run all unit tests locally.
python test
* [Guide for running local unit tests in Android Studio](
* Commit your changes using a descriptive commit message that follows our
[commit message conventions](#commit). Adherence to these conventions is strongly
......@@ -203,7 +202,7 @@ To ensure consistency throughout the source code, keep these rules in mind as yo
are working:
* All features or bug fixes **must be tested** by one or more specs (unit-tests).
* We follow [the PEP8 styleguide][style-guide].
* This project doesn't have a strict style guide, but [this]( is generally good to follow.
## <a name="commit"></a> Commit Message Guidelines
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