Commit 58e96ef2 authored by Zach Knox's avatar Zach Knox
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Header of detail view works

Note: will need to adjust constraints for NameLabel baseline
parent f9aa33e4
......@@ -441,6 +441,7 @@
<barButtonItem key="rightBarButtonItem" title="Favorite" id="a5L-D5-WuL"/>
<outlet property="NameLabel" destination="W3q-KN-OAm" id="hKO-vT-1Py"/>
<outlet property="OpenTimesList" destination="N1f-XR-xpn" id="8WA-Q4-slc"/>
<outlet property="PlaceLabel" destination="XpV-B3-ImX" id="5TH-c0-eUm"/>
<outlet property="detailStackView" destination="gDU-gJ-J9N" id="foM-vS-5Nb"/>
......@@ -10,8 +10,9 @@ import UIKit
class LocationDetailViewController: UIViewController, UITableViewDelegate, UITableViewDataSource {
@IBOutlet var NameLabel: UILabel!
@IBOutlet var PlaceLabel: UILabel!
@IBOutlet var openLabel: UILabel!
@IBOutlet var OpenLabel: UILabel!
@IBOutlet var OpenTimesList: UITableView!
......@@ -27,6 +28,17 @@ class LocationDetailViewController: UIViewController, UITableViewDelegate, UITab
override func viewDidLoad() {
NameLabel.text =
PlaceLabel.text = facility.location
var open = Utilities.isOpen(facility: facility)
if(open) {
OpenLabel.text = "OPEN"
OpenLabel.backgroundColor = UIColor(red:0.00, green:0.40, blue:0.20, alpha:1.0)
else {
OpenLabel.text = "CLOSED"
OpenLabel.backgroundColor =
// Do any additional setup after loading the view.
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