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What's Open for iOS
Simple iOS app to ingest the What's Open API, cache its contents in a local datastore and display it in a user friendly way. Plans to take advantage of iPhone specific technologies not available to the web.
On Contributing
WhatsOpeniOS welcomes all the help it can get. Even if you don't feel like you can be helpful the more technical aspects, we definitely need designers, technical writers, and testers.
There are many things that can be done with this project (see the "To Do" section), but sometimes it's the small things that count, so don't be afraid of contributing just a small spelling mistake.
If you need help at all please contact and SRCT member. We want people to contribute, so if you are struggling, or just want to learn we are more than willing to help.
The project lead for this project is **Pat Murray**. **
Please visit the [SRCT Wiki]( for more information on this and other SRCT projects, along with other helpful links and tutorials.
To get started, you'll need the following installed:
* [Git](
* The latest **public** build of [Xcode]( (and a compatible Mac). *Currently Xcode 8*
* The latest **public** release of Swift. *Currently Swift 3.0* (bundled with Xcode)
* This project also contains many dependancies. Due to the shifting nature of dependency management in Cocoa development, this project will (for the foreseeable future) continue to use **[Cocoapods](**. *Currently Cocoapods 1.1*. Since 1.0, Cocoapods supports the traditional command line interface, and the new GUI interface. They both operate the same, so the choice is yours.
* Other language or framework-specific items
Open a terminal window and type in the following commands. (If you're on Windows, use [Cygwin]( This will create a local, workable copy of the project.
``git clone``
Note-- this should also be on the wiki
**S**tudent - **R**un **C**omputing and **T**echnology (*SRCT*, pronounced "circuit") is a student organization at George Mason University which enhances student computing at Mason. SRCT establishes and maintains systems which provide specific services for Mason's community.
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