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Merge branch '44-gitlab-ci' into 'upgrade-django'

Resolve "Configure gitlab-ci.yml to build on every commit"

See merge request !12
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- test
- apt-get update -qy
- pip install -r requirements/test.txt
- cd whats_open/
- python makemigrations
- python makemigrations website
- python migrate
- echo "from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model; User = get_user_model(); User.objects.create_superuser('root', '', 'root') " | python shell
image: library/python:2.7
type: test
- python test
- coverage run --source=website --omit=*migrations/*,*,*,*.pyc test
- coverage html -i && grep pc_cov htmlcov/index.html | egrep -o "[0-9]+\%" | awk '{ print "covered " $1;}'
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