Commit 4595497e authored by Renfred Harper's avatar Renfred Harper
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Adjust grid margins

parent 827d71de
......@@ -60,14 +60,16 @@ body {
margin: 10px 0px;
margin-top: 10px;
margin-bottom: 10px;
cursor: pointer;
.grid-box .restaurant{
background-color: white;
padding: 10px 0px;
margin: 5px 0px;
margin-top: 5px;
margin-bottom: 5px;
......@@ -110,7 +112,7 @@ ul.ui-autocomplete {
padding-bottom: 200px;
margin-top: 20px
margin-top: 20px;
background-color: rgba(252,252,255,0.96);
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