Commit 017fb798 authored by axiiom's avatar axiiom
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issue when accessing children, see TODO on line 250

parent c21f4dda
......@@ -246,6 +246,8 @@ def search_resource(session, model_cls, data):
:param data: A dictionary containing search parameters
:return: a Flask Response object
# TODO: returns 404 when accessing children - i think it should just return an empty array
  • THIS SHOULD READ: "returns 404 when accessing children of an endpoint with no children" i.e: point/2/children returns 404 because point/2 has no children

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query = session.query(model_cls).filter_by(**data)
resp = (None, 404) if query.first() is None else \
(list(map(lambda m: m.as_json(), query.limit(100).all())), 200)
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