Commit 29774d0b authored by axiiom's avatar axiiom

streamlined errors and fixed broken endpoints

parent 24e25564
from flask import Flask, redirect, request, url_for, make_response, g
from flask import Flask, redirect, request, url_for, make_response, g, jsonify, abort
from webargs import fields
from webargs.flaskparser import use_args
......@@ -6,7 +6,10 @@ from where.model import Session, Point, Category, Field
from where.model.field_types import FieldType
from where.validation import PointSchema, CategorySchema, BaseSchema
from where.error_handlers import register_error_handlers
app = Flask(__name__)
......@@ -197,8 +200,10 @@ def get_resource(schema: BaseSchema, id: int):
:return: a Flask Response object
resource = g.db_session.query(schema.Meta.model).get(id)
resp = (None, 404) if resource is None else \
(schema.dump(resource, many=False), 200)
if resource is None:
resp = (schema.dump(resource, many=False), 200)
return make_response(resp)
......@@ -248,12 +253,11 @@ def search_resource(schema, data):
:return: a Flask Response object
# TODO: returns 404 when accessing children - i think it should just return an empty array
query = g.db_session.query(schema.Meta.model).filter_by(**data)
resp = (None, 404) if query.first() is None else \
(schema.dump(query.all(), many=True), 200)
if query.first() is None:
resp = (jsonify(schema.dump(query.all(), many=True)),200)
return make_response(resp)
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