Commit 19062d51 authored by Ross Girshick's avatar Ross Girshick
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bug fix (*fast-rcnn* issue #69; thanks to @guyrose3 for pointing this out)

parent 54d2576f
......@@ -248,8 +248,13 @@ class SVMClassTrainer(object):
print((' {:d}: obj val: {:.3f} = {:.3f} '
'(pos) + {:.3f} (neg) + {:.3f} (reg)').format(i, *losses))
return ((w * self.feature_scale, b * self.feature_scale),
pos_scores, neg_scores)
# Sanity check
scores_ret = (
X * 1.0 / self.feature_scale).dot(w.T * self.feature_scale) + b
assert np.allclose(scores, scores_ret[:, 0], atol=1e-5), \
"Scores from returned model don't match decision function"
return ((w * self.feature_scale, b), pos_scores, neg_scores)
def append_neg_and_retrain(self, feat=None, force=False):
if feat is not None:
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