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......@@ -30,6 +30,12 @@ If you find R-CNN useful in your research, please consider citing:
### Requirements: software
1. Requirements for `Caffe` and `pycaffe` (see: [Caffe installation instructions](
**Note:** Caffe must be built with support for Python layers
# In your Makefile.config, make sure to have this line uncommented
You can download my [Makefile.config]( for reference.
2. Python packages you might not have: `cython`, `python-opencv`, `easydict`
3. [optional] MATLAB (required for PASCAL VOC evaluation only)
Scripts to reproduce (most) of the experiments in the paper.
Scripts are under `experiments/scripts`.
Each script saves a log file under `experiments/logs`.
Configuration override files used in the experiments are stored in `experiments/cfgs`.
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