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# Fast R-CNN
# *Fast* R-CNN
### Requirements
Created by Ross Girshick at Microsoft Research, Redmond.
1. Requirements for Caffe and pycaffe
### Introduction
*Fast R-CNN* is a clean and fast framework for object detection.
Compared to traditional R-CNN, and its accelerated version SPPnet, Fast R-CNN trains networks using a multi-task loss in a single fine-tuning run.
The multi-task loss simplifies and speeds up training.
Unlike SPPnet, all network layers can be learned during fine-tuning.
We show that this difference has practical ramifications for very deep networks, such as VGG16, where mAP suffers when only the fully-connected layers are fine-tuned.
Compared to "slow" R-CNN, Fast R-CNN is 9x faster at training VGG16 for detection, 213x faster for detection, and achieves a significantly higher mAP on PASCAL VOC 2012.
Compared to SPPnet, Fast R-CNN trains VGG16 3x faster, tests 10x faster, and is more accurate.
Fast R-CNN was initially described in an [arXiv tech report](
### Citing Fast R-CNN
If you find R-CNN useful in your research, please consider citing:
Author = {Ross Girshick},
Title = {Fast R-CNN},
Journal = {arXiv preprint arXiv:todo},
Year = {2015}
### License
Fast R-CNN is released under the MIT License (refer to the LICENSE file for details).
### Installation requirements
1. Requirements for Caffe and pycaffe (see: [Caffe installation instructions](
2. Additional Python packages: cython, python-opencv, easydict
3. Matlab (required for PASCAL VOC evaluation only)
3. [optional] MATLAB (required for PASCAL VOC evaluation only)
### Installation
### Installation (sufficient for the demo)
1. Extract the source code: `$ tar zxvf fast-rcnn.tgz`; call the source directory $FRCNN
2. Build Cython modules: `$ cd $FRCNN/src && make` (there will probably be some benign warnings that you can ignore)
3. Build Caffe and pycaffe: `$ cd $FRCNN/caffe-fast-rcnn` and follow the Caffe installation instructions
4. Establish symlinks for VOCdevkits
1. Symlink `$FRCNN/data/VOCdevkit2007` to where you have the PASCAL VOC 2007 devkit and data installed
2. And similiarly for other PASCAL VOC 20XY datasets
3. Symlink `$FRCNN/data/cache` to somewhere that will store cached dataset files
1. Clone the Fast R-CNN repository
# Make sure to clone with --recursive
git clone --recursive
2. We'll call the directory that you cloned Fast R-CNN into `FRCN_ROOT`
3. Build the Cython modules
cd $FRCN_ROOT/lib
4. Build Caffe and pycaffe
cd $FRCN_ROOT/caffe-fast-rcnn
# Now follow the Caffe installation instructions here:
### Usage
# If you're experienced with Caffe and have all of the requirements installed
# and your Makefile.config in place, then simply do:
make -j8 && make pycaffe
5. Download pre-computed Fast R-CNN detectors
Train a Fast R-CNN detector. For example, train a VGG 16 network on VOC 2007 trainval:
This will populate the `$FRCN_ROOT/data` folder with `fast_rcnn_models`. See `data/` for details.
### Demo
To run the demo
./tools/ --gpu 0 --solver models/VGG16/solver.prototxt --weights data/imagenet_models/VGG16.v2.caffemodel
The demo performs detection using a VGG16 network trained for detection on PASCAL VOC 2012. The object proposals are pre-computed in order to reduce installation requirements.
### Beyond the demo: installation for training and testing models
1. Download the training, validation, test data and VOCdevkit
2. Extract all of these tars into one directory named `VOCdevkit`
tar xvf VOCtrainval_06-Nov-2007.tar
tar xvf VOCtest_06-Nov-2007.tar
tar xvf VOCdevkit_08-Jun-2007.tar
3. It should have this basic structure
Test a Fast R-CNN detector. For example, test the VGG 16 network on VOC 2007 test:
$VOCdevkit/ # development kit
$VOCdevkit/VOCcode/ # VOC utility code
$VOCdevkit/VOC2007 # image sets, annotations, etc.
# ... and several other directories ...
4. Establish symlinks for the PASCAL VOC dataset
cd $FRCN_ROOT/data
ln -s $VOCdevkit VOCdevkit2007
5. Establish a symlink for your cache directory
cd $FRCN_ROOT/data
# /your/cache/path needs to be a directory that will hold a few GB of data
ln -s /your/cache/path cache
6. [Optional] follow similar steps to get PASCAL VOC 2010 and 2012
7. Follow the next sections to download pre-computed object proposals and pre-trained ImageNet models
### Download pre-computed Selective Search object proposals
Pre-computed selective search boxes can also be downloaded for VOC2007 and VOC2012.
./tools/ --gpu 1 --def models/VGG16/test.prototxt --net output/voc_2007_trainval/vgg16_fast_rcnn_iter_40000.caffemodel
This will populate the `$FRCN_ROOT/data` folder with `selective_selective_data`.
### Download pre-trained ImageNet models
Pre-trained ImageNet models can be downloaded for the three networks described in the paper: CaffeNet (model **S**), VGG_CNN_M_1024 (model **M**), and VGG16 (model **L**).
These models are all available in the [Caffe Model Zoo](, but are provided here for your convenience.
Test output is written underneath `$FRCNN/output`.
### Usage
**Train** a Fast R-CNN detector. For example, train a VGG16 network on VOC 2007 trainval:
./tools/ --gpu 0 --solver models/VGG16/solver.prototxt \
--weights data/imagenet_models/VGG16.v2.caffemodel
Compress a Fast R-CNN model using SVD on the fully-connected layers:
**Test** a Fast R-CNN detector. For example, test the VGG 16 network on VOC 2007 test:
./tools/ --gpu 1 --def models/VGG16/test.prototxt \
--net output/default/voc_2007_trainval/vgg16_fast_rcnn_iter_40000.caffemodel
./tools/ --def models/VGG16/test.prototxt --def-svd models/VGG16/compressed/test.prototxt --net output/voc_2007_trainval/vgg16_fast_rcnn_iter_40000.caffemodel
Test output is written underneath `$FRCN_ROOT/output`.
**Compress** a Fast R-CNN model using truncated SVD on the fully-connected layers:
./tools/ --def models/VGG16/test.prototxt \
--def-svd models/VGG16/compressed/test.prototxt \
--net output/default/voc_2007_trainval/vgg16_fast_rcnn_iter_40000.caffemodel
# Test the model you just compressed
./tools/ --gpu 0 --def models/VGG16/compressed/test.prototxt \
--net output/default/voc_2007_trainval/vgg16_fast_rcnn_iter_40000_svd_fc6_1024_fc7_256.caffemodel
### Experiment scripts
Scripts to reproduce the experiments in the paper (up to stochastic variation) are provided in `$FRCN_ROOT/experiments/scripts`. Log files for experiments are located in `experiments/logs`.
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