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Add pointers for computing object proposals

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# *Fast* R-CNN
# *Fast* R-CNN: Fast Region-based Convolutional Networks for object detection
Created by Ross Girshick at Microsoft Research, Redmond.
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Fast R-CNN training is implemented in Python only, but test-time detection functionality also exists in MATLAB.
See `matlab/fast_rcnn_demo.m` and `matlab/fast_rcnn_im_detect.m` for details.
**Computing object proposals**
The demo uses pre-computed selective search proposals computed with [this code](
If you'd like to compute proposals on your own images, there are many options.
Here are some pointers; if you run into trouble using these resources please direct questions to the respective authors.
1. Selective Search: [original matlab code](, [python wrapper](
2. EdgeBoxes: [matlab code](
3. GOP and LPO: [python code](
4. MCG: [matlab code](
5. RIGOR: [matlab code](
Apologies if I've left your method off this list. Feel free to contact me and ask for it to be included.
### Beyond the demo: installation for training and testing models
1. Download the training, validation, test data and VOCdevkit
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