Commit fe475caa authored by Ross Girshick's avatar Ross Girshick
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fc only script (emulated SPPnet training)

parent d9c54f87
set -x
set -e
LOG="experiments/logs/fc_only_vgg16.txt.`date +'%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S'`"
exec &> >(tee -a "$LOG")
echo Logging output to "$LOG"
time ./tools/ --gpu $1 \
--solver models/VGG16/fc_only/solver.prototxt \
--weights data/imagenet_models/VGG16.v2.caffemodel \
--imdb voc_2007_trainval \
--cfg experiments/cfgs/fc_only.yml
time ./tools/ --gpu $1 \
--def models/VGG16/test.prototxt \
--net output/fc_only/voc_2007_trainval/vgg16_fast_rcnn_fc_only_iter_40000.caffemodel \
--imdb voc_2007_test \
--cfg experiments/cfgs/fc_only.yml
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