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Preparations for v0.14 tagging

New issue
Summary: Incomplete and inaccurate documentation
Status: Started
Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Critical Milestone-Release4.0 Usability
The documentation needs to be finished being ported for the Python
implementation. It also has spelling and grammar errors that should
be fixed. There are some features that are not documented or
documented incorrectly.
parent 346f925d
v0.14 - the linear programming code has been finalised, however there is currently no way to turn of the progress status of the
lp solver from the cvxopt module. One unit test has been written. To use linear programming method:
>>> import mdp
>>> P, R = mdp.exampleForest()
>>> lp = mdp.LP(P, R, 0.9)
>>> lp.iterate() # and after some output from cvxopt.solvers.lp the optimal policy can be shown with lp.policy
v0.13 - the FiniteHorizon class has been fixed. No unit tests yet.
>>> import mdp
The release of v0.14 will be made today. With this all the functionality should be available to use. The initial version release
of 4.0 will be made once the documentation has been finalised and unit tests have been written to cover all of the classes.
The first release will be 4.0 to match the MATLAB/Octave/Scilab/R MDP Toolboxes that are available at
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
from distutils.core import setup
description="Python Markov Decision Problem Toolbox",
author="Steven Cordwell",
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