Commit 110b8865 authored by Steven Cordwell's avatar Steven Cordwell
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value iteration parameter checks to be more permissive

parent b8577327
......@@ -1796,15 +1796,18 @@ class ValueIteration(MDP):
# initialization of optional arguments
if initial_value == 0:
self.V = matrix(zeros((self.S, 1)))
self.V = zeros(self.S)
if not initial_value.shape in ((self.S, ), (self.S, 1),
(1, self.S)):
raise ValueError("PyMDPtoolbox: The initial value must be a "
"vector of length S.")
if len(initial_value) != self.S:
raise ValueError("PyMDPtoolbox: The initial value must be "
"a vector of length S.")
self.V = matrix(initial_value)
self.V = initial_value.reshape(self.S)
except AttributeError:
self.V = array(initial_value)
if < 1:
# compute a bound for the number of iterations and update the
# stored value of self.max_iter
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