Commit 1eb3d702 authored by Steven Cordwell's avatar Steven Cordwell
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changed MDP._computePR to use try-except clauses

parent 542fc4cd
......@@ -750,16 +750,26 @@ class MDP(object):
# Make P be an object array with (S, S) shaped array elements. Save it
# as a matrix.
if P.dtype == object:
self.P = P
self.A = self.P.shape[0]
self.S = self.P[0].shape[0]
else: # convert to an object array
self.A = P.shape[0]
self.S = P.shape[1]
self.P = zeros(self.A, dtype=object)
for aa in range(self.A):
self.P[aa] = matrix(P[aa, :, :])
if P.ndim == 3:
self.S = P.shape[1]
else: # we are dealing with numpy array with dtype=object
self.S = P[0].shape[0]
except AttributeError:
self.A = len(P)
self.S = P[0].shape[0]
# convert Ps to matrices
self.P = []
for aa in xrange(self.A):
self.P = tuple(self.P)
# Make R have the shape (S, A) and save it as a matrix
if R.dtype == object:
# R is object shaped (A,) with each element shaped (S, S)
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