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history has been added ready for tag. There are some issues:

New issue
Summary: Class LP linear programming is not in a usable state. Needs to be fixed.
Labels: Priority-High
This needs to be fixed before the version number will be bumped up to 0.14. To fix this
the cvxopt.solvers.lp functionality will have to be investigated.

New issue
Summary: Missing unittests for PolicyIterationModified
Labels: Priority-High
These unit tests should be implemented as soon as possible. Will not make first release without them.
parent 0a3c36ab
v0.13 - the FiniteHorizon class has been fixed. No unit tests yet.
>>> import mdp
>>> P, R = mdp.exampleForest()
>>> pim = mdp.FiniteHorizon(P, R, 10) # 10 time-step horizon
>>> pim.iterate() # get the optimal policy with pim.policy
v0.12 - PolicyIterationModified has been completed and is feature complete. Unit tests have not yet been written, and the docs need fixing.
>>> import mdp
>>> P, R = mdp.exampleForest()
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
from distutils.core import setup
description="Python Markov Decision Problem Toolbox",
author="Steven Cordwell",
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