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added class RelativeValueIteration

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......@@ -1015,10 +1015,90 @@ class QLearning(MDP):
class RelativeValueIteration(MDP):
"""Resolution of MDP with average reward with relative value iteration
Let S = number of states, A = number of actions
P(SxSxA) = transition matrix
P could be an array with 3 dimensions or
a cell array (1xA), each cell containing a matrix (SxS) possibly sparse
R(SxSxA) or (SxA) = reward matrix
R could be an array with 3 dimensions (SxSxA) or
a cell array (1xA), each cell containing a sparse matrix (SxS) or
a 2D array(SxA) possibly sparse
epsilon = epsilon-optimal policy search, upper than 0,
optional (default: 0.01)
max_iter = maximum number of iteration to be done, upper than 0,
optional (default 1000)
policy(S) = epsilon-optimal policy
average_reward = average reward of the optimal policy
cpu_time = used CPU time
In verbose mode, at each iteration, displays the span of U variation
and the condition which stopped iterations : epsilon-optimum policy found
or maximum number of iterations reached.
#raise NotImplementedError("This class has not been implemented yet.")
def __init__(self, transitions, reward, epsilon=0.01, max_iter=1000):
MDP.__init__(self, transitions, reward, None, max_iter)
if epsilon <= 0:
print('MDP Toolbox ERROR: epsilon must be upper than 0')
if iscell(P):
S = size(P[1], 1)
S = size(P, 1)
self.U = zeros(S, 1)
self.gain = U(S)
def iterate(self):
done = False
if self.verbose:
print(' Iteration U_variation')
self.time = time()
while not done:
self.iter = self.iter + 1;
Unext, policy = self.bellmanOperator(self.P, self.PR, 1, self.U)
Unext = Unext - self.gain
variation = self.getSpan(Unext - self.U)
if self.verbose:
print(" %s %s" % (self.iter, variation))
if variation < self.epsilon:
done = True
average_reward = self.gain + min(Unext - self.U)
if self.verbose:
print('MDP Toolbox : iterations stopped, epsilon-optimal policy found')
elif self.iter == self.max_iter:
done = True
average_reward = self.gain + min(Unext - self.U);
if self.verbose:
print('MDP Toolbox : iterations stopped by maximum number of iteration condition')
self.U = Unext
self.gain = self.U(self.S)
self.time = time() - self.time
class ValueIteration(MDP):
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