Commit 940c3c72 authored by Steven Cordwell's avatar Steven Cordwell
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add tests for new ability to accept lists and tuples to check()

parent 107d1973
......@@ -76,6 +76,15 @@ def test_check_P_square_stochastic_nonnegative_object_sparse():
P[a] = speye(STATES, STATES).tocsr()
assert (check(P, R) == None)
# check: P - square, stochastic and non-negative lists
def test_check_P_square_stochastic_nonnegative_list_array():
P = []
for a in xrange(ACTIONS):
assert (check(P, R) == None)
# check: R - square stochastic and non-negative sparse
def test_check_R_square_stochastic_nonnegative_sparse():
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