Commit 966a1f43 authored by Steven Cordwell's avatar Steven Cordwell
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use assert for checking parameters

parent bf04775e
......@@ -291,22 +291,17 @@ def checkSquareStochastic(Z):
except ValueError:
raise InvalidMDPError(mdperr["mat_square"])
# check that the matrix is square, and that each row sums to one
if s1 != s2:
raise InvalidMDPError(mdperr["mat_square"])
elif (absolute(Z.sum(axis=1) - ones(s2))).max() > SMALLNUM:
raise InvalidMDPError(mdperr["mat_stoch"])
assert s1 == s2, mdperr["mat_square"]
assert (absolute(Z.sum(axis=1) - ones(s2))).max() < SMALLNUM, \
# make sure that there are no values less than zero
if (Z < 0).any():
raise InvalidMDPError(mdperr["mat_nonneg"])
except AttributeError:
assert (Z >= 0).all(), mdperr["mat_nonneg"]
except (AttributeError, TypeError):
if ( < 0).any():
raise InvalidMDPError(mdperr["mat_nonneg"])
assert ( >= 0).all(), mdperr["mat_nonneg"]
except AttributeError:
raise TypeError("Matrix should be a numpy type.")
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