Commit aa5f5a32 authored by Steven Cordwell's avatar Steven Cordwell
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clean up PolicyIteration._evalPolicyIterative argument checking

parent f5ebf036
......@@ -623,15 +623,15 @@ class PolicyIteration(MDP):
# stopped iterations: epsilon-optimum value function found or maximum
# number of iterations reached.
if (type(V0) in (int, float)) and (V0 == 0):
policy_V = zeros(self.S)
if (type(V0) in (ndarray)) and (V0.shape == (self.S, 1)):
policy_V = V0
assert V0.shape in ((self.S, ), (self.S, 1), (1, self.S)), \
"'V0' must be a vector of length S."
policy_V = array(V0).reshape(self.S)
except AttributeError:
if len(V0) == self.S:
policy_V = array(V0).reshape(self.S)
raise ValueError("PyMDPtoolbox: V0 vector/array type not "
"supported. Use ndarray of matrix column "
"vector length S.")
policy_V = zeros(self.S)
policy_P, policy_R = self._computePpolicyPRpolicy()
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