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Update the readme to point to Travis CI logo, and also to the GitHub and
PyPI locations for getting the package rather than Google Code.
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Markov Decision Process (MDP) Toolbox 4.0 for Python
.. image::
The MDP toolbox provides classes and functions for the resolution of
descrete-time Markov Decision Processes. The list of algorithms that have been
implemented includes backwards induction, linear programming, policy iteration,
q-learning and value iteration along with several variations.
The classes and functions were developped based on the
`MATLAB <>`_
`MATLAB <>`_ py:
`MDP toolbox>`_ by the
`Biometry and Artificial Intelligence Unit <>`_ of
`INRA Toulouse <>`_ (France). There are editions
......@@ -25,14 +28,14 @@ Features
Documentation is available as docstrings in the module code and as html in the
doc folder or from `the MDPtoolbox homepage <http://www.>`_.
doc folder or from `the MDPtoolbox homepage <http://www.TODO>`_.
1. Download the latest stable release from
``_ or clone the
``_ or clone the
Git repository
``git clone``
2. If you downloaded the `*.zip` or `*.tar.gz` archive, then extract it
``tar -xzvf pymdptoolbox-<VERSION>.tar.gz``
......@@ -41,9 +44,14 @@ Installation
3. Change to the PyMDPtoolbox directory
``cd pymdptoolbox``
4. Install via Distutils, either to the filesystem or to a home directory
4. Install via Setuptools, either to the filesystem or to a home directory
``python install``
``python install --home=<dir>``
``python install --user``
Alternatively if you have `pip <>`_
available then just type ``pip install pymdptoolbox`` at the console. If you
also want to be able to solve MDPs using linear programming from the cvxopt
package then type ``pip install "pymdptoolbox[LP]"``.
Quick Use
......@@ -60,8 +68,9 @@ solve it using the value iteration algorithm, and then check the optimal policy.
Issue Tracker:
Source Code:
Issue Tracker:
Source Code:
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