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define the function to return habitat quality based on years since last fire

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......@@ -2,6 +2,31 @@
Created on Sun Mar 9 17:20:30 2014
@author: steve
@author: Steven A W Cordwell
import mdptoolbox as mdp
def getHabitatQuality(time):
"""The habitat quality of a patch according to the time since last fire.
The habitat quality is low immediately after a fire, rises rapidly until
five years after a fire, and declines once the habitat is mature. See
Figure 1 in Possingham and Tuck (1997) for more details.
time : time in years since last fire
r : the habitat suitability
assert time >= 0, "'time' must be a positive number"
if time < 5:
return(0.2 * time)
elif 5 < time < 10:
return(-0.1 * time + 1.5)
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