Commit 4e2b4996 authored by Ross Girshick's avatar Ross Girshick
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add missing cache directory; bug fix in get_voc_opts.m so that it works with the VOC 2007 devkit

parent 2e99211e
function VOCopts = get_voc_opts(path) function VOCopts = get_voc_opts(path)
tmp = pwd; tmp = pwd;
voc_code_path = fullfile(path, 'VOCcode'); cd(path);
try try
VOCinit; % brings VOCopts into scope addpath('VOCcode');
catch catch
cd(tmp); cd(tmp);
error(sprintf('VOCcode directory not found at %s', voc_code_path)); error(sprintf('VOCcode directory not found under %s', path));
end end
cd(tmp); cd(tmp);
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