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point to R-CNN tagged Caffe release

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......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ R-CNN bbox reg | 58.5% | 53.7% | 53.5%
0. MATLAB (tested with 2012b on 64-bit Linux)
0. Caffe's [prerequisites](
0. **Install Caffe** (this is the most complicated part)
0. Download this [tagged release of Caffe](
0. Download this [tagged release of Caffe](
0. Follow the [Caffe installation instructions](
0. **Important:** Make sure to compile the Caffe MATLAB wrapper, which is not built by default: `$ make matcaffe`
0. Let's call the place where you installed caffe `$CAFFE_HOME`: `$ export CAFFE_HOME=$(pwd)`
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