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show how to use RCNN_CONFIG_OVERRIDE

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function rcnn_run_pool5_explorer() function rcnn_run_pool5_explorer()
VOCdevkit = '/work4/rbg/VOC2007/VOCdevkit'; % Example of how to use RCNN_CONFIG_OVERRIDE in a function
%conf_override.exp_dir = './cachedir/rcnn/v1.1/pool5';
%RCNN_CONFIG_OVERRIDE = @() conf_override;
% -------------------- CONFIG --------------------
cache_name = 'v1_finetune_voc_2007_trainval_iter_70k';
% change to point to your VOCdevkit install
VOCdevkit = './datasets/VOCdevkit2007';
% ------------------------------------------------
imdb = imdb_from_voc(VOCdevkit, 'test', '2007'); imdb = imdb_from_voc(VOCdevkit, 'test', '2007');
pool5_explorer(imdb, 'v1_finetune_voc_2007_trainval_iter_70000');
pool5_explorer(imdb, cache_name);
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