Commit 28e864a2 authored by Josh Roesslein's avatar Josh Roesslein
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Added tests for list methods.

parent f49dab6b
All changes made to the library that might affect applications
during upgrade will be listed here.
1.2 -> 1.3 [Future]
1.2 -> 1.3
+ Lists API methods added
+ API.verify_credentials() now returns an User object if credentials
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ during upgrade will be listed here.
+ Tweepy now uses the versioned API and the new subdomain
+ Updated retweet parsing for new payload format
1.1 -> 1.2 [Current]
1.1 -> 1.2
+ Added automatic request re-try feature
......@@ -189,6 +189,50 @@ class TweepyAPITests(unittest.TestCase):
def testblocksids(self):
def testcreateupdatedestroylist(self):
# XXX: right now twitter throws a 500 here, issue is being looked into by twitter.
#self.api.update_list('tweeps', mode='private')
def testlists(self):
def testlistsmemberships(self):
def testlistssubscriptions(self):
def testlisttimeline(self):
self.api.list_timeline('noradio', 'tall-people')
def testgetlist(self):
self.api.get_list('noradio', 'tall-people')
def testaddremovelistmember(self):
uid = self.api.get_user('twitter').id
self.api.add_list_member('test', uid)
self.api.remove_list_member('test', uid)
def testlistmembers(self):
self.api.list_members('noradio', 'tall-people')
def testislistmember(self):
uid = self.api.get_user('noradio').id
self.api.is_list_member('noradio', 'tall-people', uid)
def testsubscribeunsubscribelist(self):
self.api.subscribe_list('noradio', 'tall-people')
self.api.unsubscribe_list('noradio', 'tall-people')
def testlistsubscribers(self):
self.api.list_subscribers('noradio', 'tall-people')
def testissubscribedlist(self):
uid = self.api.get_user('noradio').id
self.api.is_subscribed_list('noradio', 'tall-people', uid)
def testsavedsearches(self):
s = self.api.create_saved_search('test')
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