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Remove old changelog file.

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This file will no longer be maintained. To get a listing of all changes between versions
instead use Github compare views. Their URL's work like this:
prev and next can be a tag, branch, or a commit SHA1.
Example to view changes between versions 1.5 -> 1.6:
1.4 -> 1.5
+ Models
- Added some new helper methods to List model
- User model
- Added lists_memberships, lists_subscriptions, and lists helpers
- Added followers_ids helper
- Added ModelFactory to replace 'models' dict in tweepy.models.
Extend this factory to plugin customized models then pass into API().
- lists(), lists_memberships(), and lists_subscriptions() now
take an "user" parameter for specifying which user to query.
+ OAuthHandler
- You may now pass in an optional 'secure' boolean to the
constructor which will use https for OAuth requests.
Ex: auth = OAuthHandler(token,secret,secure=True)
- Fallback to using '' instead of ''
for OAuth until issue #8 is resolved.
1.3 -> 1.4
+ Added people search API method. API.search_users()
+ Streaming API
- Moved parameters into POST body to prevent "head too big" errors.
- Stream can be run either asynchronously (threaded) or synchronously (blocks main thread).
By default Stream will run in sync. mode. To change this pass into the stream
method 'async=True'. Example:
s = Stream('test', 'password', MyListener())
s.sample(async=True) # threaded mode
s.filter(track=['pizza']) # synch./blocking mode
- Listener now has a "on_data" method which can be overridden to manually handle the
raw stream data.
+ tweepyshell
- allow using getpass for more secure password collection
new usage: tweepyshell <username> [password] <-- optional now
- enable debug mode with '-d' flag
- retweet() method now works correctly
- Added local trends method: trends_available() and trends_location()
- send_direct_message() now accepts either a user/screen_name/user_id for recipient of DM
- update_status() added 'source' parameter for
- create_list() and update_list() added 'description' parameter
+ tweepy.debug() enables httplib debug mode
+ New Sphinx documentation (Thanks Kumar!) in doc/
+ User model
- Fix timeline() to return correct timeline
- Remove mentions() method
1.2 -> 1.3
+ Lists API methods added
+ API.verify_credentials() now returns an User object if credentials
are valid. Otherwise false will be returned.
+ removed
+ Removed model validation. Prone to breakage due to API changes.
+ Moved documentation out of and into wiki.
+ Removed 'email' parameter from API.update_profile. No longer supported.
+ API.auth_handler -> API.auth
+ Moved memcache implementation to tweepy-more repository.
+ Tweepy now uses the versioned API and the new subdomain
+ Updated retweet parsing for new payload format
1.1 -> 1.2
+ Added automatic request re-try feature
Example: API.friends(retry_count=5, retry_delay=10)
Retry up to 5 times with a delay of 10 seconds between each attempt.
See tutorial/ for more an example.
+ Added cursor parameter to API.friends and API.followers methods.
Note: page parameter is being deprecated by twitter on 10/26
+ Update parsing to handle cursor responses.
When using 'cursor' parameter, the API method will return
a tuple with this format: (data, next_cursor, prev_cursor)
Calls not using the 'cursor' parameter are not changed in the way they return.
+ API.friends_ids and API.followers_ids now return a list of integers.
Parser updated to handle cursor responses. See above.
+ Fix Status.source_url parsing
+ Fix search result 'source' parsing to properly unescape html and extract source
+ Added report_spam method
+ Cursor
Added the Cursor object to help with pagination within the API.
Please see the pagination tutorial for more details (tutorial/t6).
This is the recommended way for using the 'page' and 'cursor' parameters.
+ Models
+ Status: added retweet, favorite and retweets methods
(NOTE: retweet API not live yet on twitter)
+ Python 2.4 support
+ Update OAuth bundled library.
- Logging removed. Having our own mini-logging system just feels like overkill.
Turns out it was not really needed that much. Simply just exposing the last
HTTPResponse object should be good enough for most debugging.
1.0.1 -> 1.1
+ Fixes
+ Google App Engine fixes (thanks Thomas Bohmbach, Jr)
+ Added Retweet API methods
+ Added Retweet Streaming method
+ New model: Retweet
+ Updated statuses parser to handle retweet_details
+ Added new parameters for statuses/update; lat & long
+ friends_ids() & followers_ids() parameter changed page -> cursor
+ search() added "locale" parameter
+ expose last httplib.HTTPResponse object received as API.last_response
+ OAuthHandler
+ Added set_request_token() method
+ Added support for "sign in with twitter".
get_authorization_url() now takes a boolean that when
true uses the "sign in with twitter" flow.
+ Logging
+ Added TweepyLogger interface which allows applications
to collect log messages from Tweepy for debugging purposes.
+ Dummy, console, and file loggers available
+ Examples
+ Appengine demo (oauth)
+ Documentation of each method in
1.0 -> 1.0.1
+ Status.user -->
+ User:
+ follow()
+ unfollow()
+ API:
+ __init__() signature change; no longer accepts 'username' parameter
which is now autodetected.
+ added new() method. shortcut for setting up new API instances
example:'basic', username='testuser', password='testpass')
+ update_profile_image() and update_profile_background_image() method added.
+ Added search API methods:
trends, trends_current, trends_daily, and trends_weekly
+ Streaming:
+ Update to new streaming API methods
+ New StreamListener class replacing callback function
+ Fixes
+ User.following is now set to False instead of None
when user is not followed.
+ python 2.5 import syntax error fixed
+ python 2.5 timeout support for streaming API
+ win32 failed import of fcntl in
+ Changed indents from 2 to 4 spaces
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