Commit 517031b2 authored by Joshua Roesslein's avatar Joshua Roesslein
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Merge pull request #221 from wladston/master

Added a simple MongoDB cache backend.
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......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
# See LICENSE for details.
import time
import datetime
import threading
import os
......@@ -381,3 +382,43 @@ class RedisCache(Cache):
keys = self.client.smembers(self.keys_container)
for key in keys:
class MongodbCache(Cache):
"""A simple pickle-based MongoDB cache sytem."""
def __init__(self, db, timeout=3600, collection='tweepy_cache'):
"""Should receive a "database" cursor from pymongo."""
Cache.__init__(self, timeout)
self.timeout = timeout
self.col = db[collection]
self.col.create_index('created', expireAfterSeconds=timeout)
def store(self, key, value):
from bson.binary import Binary
now = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
blob = Binary(pickle.dumps(value))
self.col.insert({'created': now, '_id': key, 'value': blob})
def get(self, key, timeout=None):
if timeout:
raise NotImplementedError
obj = self.col.find_one({'_id': key})
if obj:
return pickle.loads(obj['value'])
def count(self):
return self.col.find({}).count()
def delete_entry(self, key):
return self.col.remove({'_id': key})
def cleanup(self):
"""MongoDB will automatically clear expired keys."""
def flush(self):
self.col.create_index('created', expireAfterSeconds=self.timeout)
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