Commit 5bdd86a4 authored by Aaron Hill's avatar Aaron Hill
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Revert "Disable record.json upload for now."

This reverts commit 13ef8534
I'm re-enabling uploading to debug it.
parent 4d7ba301
......@@ -29,7 +29,8 @@ env:
- secure: TPQSFGqdl6khXqQqTZ6euROoAmFRnONAlPXD6npvTIIN+fNfnz8lvZtOEWHo2jRPLoU3FyVUhYvTynj6B2hJinulP+RKOMbQ65HCZVHrsitwl1n1QZB5HegQDOYc5q6VTTYn/r8r5tGy35U0O80y1zycTLqSJiXlkdqsSq564pI=
after_success: if [[ "$TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST" == "false" ]]; then coveralls; fi
after_success: if [[ "$TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST" == "false" ]]; then coveralls; python; fi
provider: pypi
user: jroesslein
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