Unverified Commit 605da21f authored by Joshua Roesslein's avatar Joshua Roesslein Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #1027 from tweepy/fix-1026

Fix bug where streaming throws an exception after long use
parents 29e32cdf 32fa592d
......@@ -313,11 +313,12 @@ class Stream(object):
while self.running and not resp.raw.closed:
length = 0
while not resp.raw.closed:
line = buf.read_line().strip()
if not line:
line = buf.read_line()
stripped_line = line.strip() if line else line # line is sometimes None so we need to check here
if not stripped_line:
self.listener.keep_alive() # keep-alive new lines are expected
elif line.strip().isdigit():
length = int(line)
elif stripped_line.isdigit():
length = int(stripped_line)
raise TweepError('Expecting length, unexpected value found')
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