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......@@ -788,3 +788,29 @@ Geo Methods
Given *id* of a place, provide more details about that place.
:param id: Valid Twitter ID of a location.
:mod:`tweepy.error` --- Exceptions
The exceptions are available in the ``tweepy`` module directly,
which means ``tweepy.error`` itself does not need to be imported. For
example, ``tweepy.error.TweepError`` is available as ``tweepy.TweepError``.
.. exception:: TweepError
The main exception Tweepy uses. Is raised for a number of things.
When a ``TweepError`` is raised due to an error Twitter responded with,
the error code (`as described in the API documentation
<>`_) can be accessed
at ``TweepError.message[0]['code']``. Note, however, that ``TweepError``\ s
also may be raised with other things as message (for example plain
error reason strings).
.. exception:: RateLimitError
Is raised when an API method fails due to hitting Twitter's rate
limit. Makes for easy handling of the rate limit specifically.
Inherits from :exc:`TweepError`, so ``except TweepError`` will
catch a ``RateLimitError`` too.
......@@ -51,3 +51,29 @@ This snippet will follow every follower of the authenticated user.
for follower in tweepy.Cursor(api.followers).items():
Handling the rate limit using cursors
Since cursors raise ``RateLimitError``\ s in their ``next()`` method,
handling them can be done by wrapping the cursor in an iterator.
Running this snippet will print all users you follow that themselves follow
less than 300 people total - to exclude obvious spambots, for example - and
will wait for 15 minutes each time it hits the rate limit.
.. code-block :: python
# In this example, the handler is time.sleep(15 * 60),
# but you can of course handle it in any way you want.
def limit_handled(cursor):
while True:
except tweepy.RateLimitError:
time.sleep(15 * 60)
for follower in limit_handled(tweepy.Cursor(api.followers).items()):
if follower.friends_count < 300:
print follower.screen_name
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ Contents:
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