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Implemented multipart-formdata image packing method. Added profile image and...

Implemented multipart-formdata image packing method. Added profile image and backgroud image methods to API. Binder can now accept post data.
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......@@ -2,15 +2,16 @@ The plan of attack for the next version of Tweepy.
1.0 -> 1.0.1
+ command line client example
+ changing profile and background images
+ full coverage of current code in tests
+ prepare for social graph changes mentioned on mailinglist
+ finish search api
+ autodetect authenticated user's ID [DONE]
+ retweet api
+ timeline paging
+ database-based cache ?
+ rate limit governor
+ command line client example
+ retweet api [DONE BUT NEEDS TESTING]
......@@ -242,7 +242,24 @@ class API(object):
require_auth = True
# TODO: add support for changing profile and background images
"""Update profile image"""
def update_profile_image(self, filename):
path = '/account/update_profile_image.json',
method = 'POST',
parser = parse_user,
require_auth = True
)(self, post_data = _pack_image(filename, 700))
"""Update profile background image"""
def update_profile_image(self, filename, *args, **kargs):
path = '/account/update_profile_background_image.json',
method = 'POST',
parser = parse_user,
allowed_param = ['tile']
require_auth = True
)(self, post_data = _pack_image(filename, 800))
"""Update profile"""
update_profile = bind_api(
......@@ -399,3 +416,35 @@ class API(object):
parser = parse_trend_results
def _pack_image(filename, max_size):
"""Pack image from file into multipart-formdata post body"""
# image must be less than 700kb in size
if os.path.getsize(filename) > (max_size * 1024):
raise TweepError('File is too big, must be less than 700kb.')
except os.error, e:
raise TweepError('Unable to access file')
# image must be gif, jpeg, or png
file_type = mimetypes.guess_type(filename)
if file_type is None:
raise TweepError('Could not determine file type')
if file_type is not 'image/gif' and file_type is not 'image/jpeg'
and file_type is not 'image/png':
raise TweepError('Invalid file type for image')
# build the mulitpart-formdata body
fp = open(filename, 'rb')
BOUNDARY = '--Tw3ePy'
body = []
body.append('--' + BOUNDARY)
body.append('Content-Disposition: form-data; name="image"; filename="%s"' % filename)
body.append('Content-Type: %s' % file_type)
body.append('--' + BOUNDARY + '--')
return '\r\n'.join(body)
......@@ -16,6 +16,13 @@ def bind_api(path, parser, allowed_param=None, method='GET', require_auth=False,
if require_auth and not api.auth_handler:
raise TweepError('Authentication required!')
# check for post_data parameter
if 'post_data' in kargs:
post_data = kargs['post_data']
del kargs['post_data']
post_data = None
# build parameter dict
if allowed_param:
parameters = {}
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