Commit 6f9220b1 authored by Will Thompson's avatar Will Thompson
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update_status: first positional argument should be 'status'

Passing the tweet text as the lone positional argument to update_status:

     api.update_status(u'Hi mum!')

is suggested in much documentation and in several tests, but f99b1da5
introduced media_ids as the first argument, breaking this API.

This change will break anyone who uses tweepy >= 3.2 and assumes they
can pass media_ids as the first positional; but I expect that to be a
much smaller set than people who have followed the example in the docs,
who find their application mysteriously fails to post tweets after
upgrading tweepy.

Fixes #554.
parent 17da79f9
......@@ -87,6 +87,17 @@ class TweepyAPITests(TweepyTestCase):
deleted = self.api.destroy_status(
def testupdateanddestroystatuswithoutkwarg(self):
# test update, passing text as a positional argument (#554)
text = tweet_text if use_replay else 'testing %i' % random.randint(0, 1000)
update = self.api.update_status(text)
self.assertEqual(update.text, text)
# test destroy
deleted = self.api.destroy_status(
@tape.use_cassette('testupdatestatuswithmedia.yaml', serializer='yaml')
def testupdatestatuswithmedia(self):
update = self.api.update_with_media('examples/banner.png', status=tweet_text)
......@@ -175,11 +175,12 @@ class API(object):
def update_status(self, media_ids=None, *args, **kwargs):
def update_status(self, *args, **kwargs):
""" :reference:
:allowed_param:'status', 'in_reply_to_status_id', 'lat', 'long', 'source', 'place_id', 'display_coordinates', 'media_ids'
post_data = {}
media_ids = kwargs.pop("media_ids", None)
if media_ids is not None:
post_data["media_ids"] = list_to_csv(media_ids)
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