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Documentation Improvement
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......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ Timeline methods
.. method:: API.mentions_timeline([since_id], [max_id], [count])
Returns the 20 most recent mentions, including retweets.
Returns the 20 most recent mentions, including retweets.
:param since_id: |since_id|
:param max_id: |max_id|
......@@ -789,6 +789,16 @@ Geo Methods
:param id: Valid Twitter ID of a location.
Utility methods
.. method:: API.configuration()
Returns the current configuration used by Twitter including twitter.com slugs which are not usernames, maximum photo resolutions, and t.co shortened URL length.
It is recommended applications request this endpoint when they are loaded, but no more than once a day.
:mod:`tweepy.error` --- Exceptions
......@@ -797,9 +807,9 @@ which means ``tweepy.error`` itself does not need to be imported. For
example, ``tweepy.error.TweepError`` is available as ``tweepy.TweepError``.
.. exception:: TweepError
The main exception Tweepy uses. Is raised for a number of things.
When a ``TweepError`` is raised due to an error Twitter responded with,
the error code (`as described in the API documentation
<https://dev.twitter.com/overview/api/response-codes>`_) can be accessed
......@@ -808,9 +818,9 @@ example, ``tweepy.error.TweepError`` is available as ``tweepy.TweepError``.
error reason strings).
.. exception:: RateLimitError
Is raised when an API method fails due to hitting Twitter's rate
limit. Makes for easy handling of the rate limit specifically.
Inherits from :exc:`TweepError`, so ``except TweepError`` will
catch a ``RateLimitError`` too.
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