Commit 8fd79bab authored by Josh Roesslein's avatar Josh Roesslein
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Some binder optimizations.

parent e3d23762
......@@ -29,31 +29,15 @@ def bind_api(path, parser, allowed_param=[], method='GET', require_auth=False,
if require_auth and not api.auth_handler:
raise TweepError('Authentication required!')
# check for post_data parameter
if 'post_data' in kargs:
post_data = kargs['post_data']
del kargs['post_data']
post_data = None
# check for post data
post_data = kargs.pop('post_data', None)
# check for retry request parameters
if 'retry_count' in kargs:
retry_count = kargs['retry_count']
del kargs['retry_count']
retry_count = 0
if 'retry_delay' in kargs:
retry_delay = kargs['retry_delay']
del kargs['retry_delay']
retry_delay = 0
retry_count = kargs.pop('retry_count', 0)
retry_delay = kargs.pop('retry_delay', 0)
# check for headers
if 'headers' in kargs:
headers = dict(kargs['headers'])
del kargs['headers']
headers = {}
headers = kargs.pop('headers', {})
# build parameter dict
if allowed_param:
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