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Use POST for users/lookup.

The reference documentation recommends POST rather than GET for
larger requests of user lookups. Also, added an option for
parent 1bdff779
...@@ -275,20 +275,29 @@ class API(object): ...@@ -275,20 +275,29 @@ class API(object):
allowed_param=['id', 'url', 'maxwidth', 'hide_media', 'omit_script', 'align', 'related', 'lang'] allowed_param=['id', 'url', 'maxwidth', 'hide_media', 'omit_script', 'align', 'related', 'lang']
) )
def lookup_users(self, user_ids=None, screen_names=None): def lookup_users(self, user_ids=None, screen_names=None, include_entities=None):
""" Perform bulk look up of users from user ID or screenname """ """ Perform bulk look up of users from user ID or screenname """
return self._lookup_users(list_to_csv(user_ids), list_to_csv(screen_names)) post_data = {}
if include_entities is not None:
include_entities = 'true' if include_entities else 'false'
post_data['include_entities'] = include_entities
if user_ids:
post_data['user_id'] = list_to_csv(user_ids)
if screen_names:
post_data['screen_name'] = list_to_csv(screen_names)
return self._lookup_users(post_data=post_data)
@property @property
def _lookup_users(self): def _lookup_users(self):
""" :reference: """ :reference:
allowed_param='user_id', 'screen_name' allowed_param='user_id', 'screen_name', 'include_entities'
""" """
return bind_api( return bind_api(
api=self, api=self,
path='/users/lookup.json', path='/users/lookup.json',
payload_type='user', payload_list=True, payload_type='user', payload_list=True,
allowed_param=['user_id', 'screen_name'], method='POST',
) )
def me(self): def me(self):
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