Commit 9f06a21b authored by Aaron Hill's avatar Aaron Hill
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Updated userstream parameters

parent d1c722ca
......@@ -239,12 +239,26 @@ class Stream(object):
""" Called when the response has been closed by Twitter """
def userstream(self, count=None, async=False, secure=True):
def userstream(self, stall_warnings=False, _with=None, replies=None,
track=None, locations=None, async=False, encoding='utf8'):
self.parameters = {'delimited': 'length'}
if self.running:
raise TweepError('Stream object already connected!')
self.url = '/%s/user.json?delimited=length' % STREAM_VERSION''
if stall_warnings:
self.parameters['stall_warnings'] = stall_warnings
if _with:
self.parameters['with'] = _with
if replies:
self.parameters['replies'] = replies
if locations and len(locations) > 0:
assert len(locations) % 4 == 0
self.parameters['locations'] = ','.join(['%.2f' % l for l in locations])
if track:
encoded_track = [s.encode(encoding) for s in track]
self.parameters['track'] = ','.join(encoded_track)
self.body = urlencode_noplus(self.parameters)
def firehose(self, count=None, async=False):
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