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Properly wrap errors from Requests

parent 17f73ed2
......@@ -15,6 +15,8 @@ import logging
from tweepy.error import TweepError, RateLimitError, is_rate_limit_error_message
from tweepy.utils import convert_to_utf8_str
from tweepy.models import Model
import six
import sys
re_path_template = re.compile('{\w+}')
......@@ -170,6 +172,7 @@ def bind_api(**config):
# time.sleep(sleep_time + 5) # sleep for few extra sec
# Apply authentication
auth = None
if self.api.auth:
auth = self.api.auth.apply_auth()
......@@ -186,8 +189,10 @@ def bind_api(**config):
except Exception as e:
raise TweepError('Failed to send request: %s' % e)
six.reraise(TweepError, TweepError('Failed to send request: %s' % e), sys.exc_info()[2])
rem_calls = resp.headers.get('x-rate-limit-remaining')
if rem_calls is not None:
self._remaining_calls = int(rem_calls)
elif isinstance(self._remaining_calls, int):
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