Commit b9556cd5 authored by Robin Houston's avatar Robin Houston
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A five-second default timeout is pretty ridiculous for streaming

searches, where Twitter will take longer than five seconds even to
send a response header.

My preferred default would be no timeout at all, but if we are to
have one then five minutes seems more reasonable than five seconds.
parent 6a1e170b
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ class Stream(object):
self.auth = auth
self.listener = listener
self.running = False
self.timeout = options.get("timeout", 5.0)
self.timeout = options.get("timeout", 300.0)
self.retry_count = options.get("retry_count")
self.retry_time = options.get("retry_time", 10.0)
self.snooze_time = options.get("snooze_time", 5.0)
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