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Merge pull request #542 from volnt/master

Fix issue #541
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......@@ -20,18 +20,21 @@ class API(object):
def __init__(self, auth_handler=None,
host='', search_host='',
cache=None, api_root='/1.1', search_root='',
retry_count=0, retry_delay=0, retry_errors=None, timeout=60,
parser=None, compression=False, wait_on_rate_limit=False,
upload_host='', cache=None, api_root='/1.1',
search_root='', upload_root='/1.1', retry_count=0,
retry_delay=0, retry_errors=None, timeout=60, parser=None,
compression=False, wait_on_rate_limit=False,
wait_on_rate_limit_notify=False, proxy=''):
""" Api instance Constructor
:param auth_handler:
:param host: url of the server of the rest api, default:''
:param search_host: url of the search server, default:''
:param upload_host: url of the upload server, default:''
:param cache: Cache to query if a GET method is used, default:None
:param api_root: suffix of the api version, default:'/1.1'
:param search_root: suffix of the search version, default:''
:param upload_root: suffix of the upload version, default:'/1.1'
:param retry_count: number of allowed retries, default:0
:param retry_delay: delay in second between retries, default:0
:param retry_errors: default:None
......@@ -47,8 +50,10 @@ class API(object):
self.auth = auth_handler = host
self.search_host = search_host
self.upload_host = upload_host
self.api_root = api_root
self.search_root = search_root
self.upload_root = upload_root
self.cache = cache
self.compression = compression
self.retry_count = retry_count
......@@ -170,11 +175,14 @@ class API(object):
def update_status(self):
def update_status(self, media_ids=None, *args, **kwargs):
""" :reference:
:allowed_param:'status', 'in_reply_to_status_id', 'lat', 'long', 'source', 'place_id', 'display_coordinates'
:allowed_param:'status', 'in_reply_to_status_id', 'lat', 'long', 'source', 'place_id', 'display_coordinates', 'media_ids'
post_data = {}
if media_ids is not None:
post_data["media_ids"] = list_to_csv(media_ids)
return bind_api(
......@@ -182,7 +190,25 @@ class API(object):
allowed_param=['status', 'in_reply_to_status_id', 'lat', 'long', 'source', 'place_id', 'display_coordinates'],
)(post_data=post_data, *args, **kwargs)
def media_upload(self, filename, *args, **kwargs):
""" :reference:
f = kwargs.pop('file', None)
headers, post_data = API._pack_image(filename, 3072, form_field='media', f=f)
kwargs.update({'headers': headers, 'post_data': post_data})
return bind_api(
)(*args, **kwargs)
def update_with_media(self, filename, *args, **kwargs):
""" :reference:
......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ def bind_api(**config):
method = config.get('method', 'GET')
require_auth = config.get('require_auth', False)
search_api = config.get('search_api', False)
upload_api = config.get('upload_api', False)
use_cache = config.get('use_cache', True)
session = requests.Session()
......@@ -61,6 +62,8 @@ def bind_api(**config):
# Pick correct URL root to use
if self.search_api:
self.api_root = api.search_root
elif self.upload_api:
self.api_root = api.upload_root
self.api_root = api.api_root
......@@ -69,6 +72,8 @@ def bind_api(**config):
if self.search_api: = api.search_host
elif self.upload_api: = api.upload_host
else: =
......@@ -181,7 +186,6 @@ def bind_api(**config):
except Exception as e:
raise TweepError('Failed to send request: %s' % e)
rem_calls = resp.headers.get('x-rate-limit-remaining')
if rem_calls is not None:
......@@ -458,6 +458,16 @@ class Place(Model):
return results
class Media(Model):
def parse(cls, api, json):
media = cls(api)
for k, v in json.items():
setattr(media, k, v)
return media
class ModelFactory(object):
Used by parsers for creating instances
......@@ -475,6 +485,7 @@ class ModelFactory(object):
list = List
relation = Relation
relationship = Relationship
media = Media
json = JSONModel
ids = IDModel
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