Commit e966f5d9 authored by William Cooke's avatar William Cooke
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Fix to not attempt importing uninstalled libraries.

parent 437e19ac
#!/usr/bin/env python
#from distutils.core import setup
import re
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
from tweepy import __version__
from pip.req import parse_requirements
VERSIONFILE = "tweepy/"
ver_file = open(VERSIONFILE, "rt").read()
VSRE = r"^__version__ = ['\"]([^'\"]*)['\"]"
mo =, ver_file, re.M)
if mo:
version =
raise RuntimeError("Unable to find version string in %s." % (VERSIONFILE,))
install_reqs = parse_requirements('requirements.txt')
reqs = [str(req.req) for req in install_reqs]
description="Twitter library for python",
author="Joshua Roesslein",
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