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memcache cache

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......@@ -262,3 +262,39 @@ class FileCache(Cache):
self._delete_file(os.path.join(self.cache_dir, entry))
class MemCacheCache(Cache):
"""Cache interface"""
def __init__(self, client, timeout=60):
"""Initialize the cache
client: The memcache client
timeout: number of seconds to keep a cached entry
self.client = client
self.timeout = timeout
def store(self, key, value):
"""Add new record to cache
key: entry key
value: data of entry
self.client.set(key, value, time=self.timeout)
def get(self, key, timeout=None):
"""Get cached entry if exists and not expired
key: which entry to get
timeout: override timeout with this value [optional]. DOES NOT WORK HERE
return self.client.get(key, key)
def count(self):
"""Get count of entries currently stored in cache. RETURN 0"""
return 0
def cleanup(self):
"""Delete any expired entries in cache. NO-OP"""
def flush(self):
"""Delete all cached entries. NO-OP"""
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